For Hotels “Extras” Billing System

For Hotels “Extras” Billing System

What is this term “extras” ? In the hotel industry, it is a popular word. An “extra” makes reference to all food, drink or services that a hotel client buys.

An “extra” is not included in the meal plan (all inclusive, half board, full board).

When you book a hotel, you generally pay your reservation up-front, or on arrival. This is for obvious reasons, for example to avoid that a client makes a booking, that the room is blocked for him and that he never comes.

The “extras”, by definition, cannot be payed in advance. The client can want to have room-service, a drink at the pool bar, a piece of cake in the afternoon, drinks from the room’s minibar.

Hoteliers often struggle to get these “extras” payed. When the client checks-out, sometimes, the full list of the extras is not available. The result is that the hotel can lose income.

This is why we have developped the “Extras” billing system. What does it do ? It functions a bit like a “waranty”.

  1. The hotelier enters an amount corresponding to the amount he wishes to secure in the system for the “Extras”
    1. The hotelier will deduct from this amount the sum corresponding to the “extras” consumed by the customer. He is charged his usual percentage for this transaction.
    2. If the hotel secures an amount and does not take anything from this amount, he is billed on the total amount of the secured sum, with his usual percentage.
  2. Features
    1. “STOP” button when the hotelier has made all his withdrawals from the secured sum
    2. The possibility of taking several amounts on the secured sum
    3. When the total amount of the secured sum is reached by direct debits, the transaction is made automatically.

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