3d Secure Guide

3d Secure Guide

We have noticed that 3d secure can be confusing for many online shoppers.

What is 3d Secure ? Have a look at this video on 3d secure

In today’s world, many people are wary of fraudsters and the internet. With 3d Secure or “3DS”, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they will not get ripped off by identity thieves who want to steal their credit card information in order to purchase goods online.

In a nutshell, 3d secure or “3DS” is a fraud protection system, an extra step for customers to complete an additional verification step.

Within our payment module, we have now added a link “3d secure guide” in order to explain clearly how to go about this security.

By clicking on it, you will access a guide that will de-mistify the mystery of 3d Secure.

Check it out next time you shop on eshops.mu for example

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