Start selling online !

Start selling online !

You have a business idea to sell online ? Go for it !

Now is the time, we notice that more and more Mauritians start shopping online, a habit that was ignited by the lockdowns but now people are starting to notice that yes, online delivery works. Why spend time in traffic to go buy something that can be delivered at your doorstep ?

Nothing is stopping you. With MiPS, you don’t even need to invest, we can make a website for you, for FREE.

We have nothing to hide, in case you are thinking that there is a catch with the “FREE” word. Our business model is to take 0.5% per transaction, so it is in our interest to help our clients sell and have multiple transactions.

This website will be equipped with a payment solution, your clients will be able to buy your products in a simple manner, you will receive your money and will have a back-office to manage your payments, do refunds, if necessary.

This is already a good deal, but it does not stop here. You will also be listed on the fastest growing digital mall in Mauritius,

To help you kickstart your business, we will also post a Facebook post on our platforms, exposing you to 50 000 fans, based in Mauritius !

What do you need to start ?

  • products to sell (!)
  • photos of these products (clear photos, with no background work best)
  • well written text descriptions of the products
  • prices
  • a bank account
  • a BRN / Trade License

Do you want to start ? Call us on +230 698 00 20 or email us on

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