Odysseo & MiPS

Odysseo & MiPS

What is Odysseo ?

I cannot find better words than the ones used by the Odysseo team on their homepage: “Welcome to the largest oceanarium in the Mascarene Archipelago and the first of its kind in Mauritius. Over and above the richness of its onsite aquariums, Odysseo is a place where you can have fun while learning and educating yourself. Our wish is to fill your eyes with wonder while expanding your environmental consciousness.”

MiPS is proud to be part of this exciting project since more than a year.

We were in charge of:

✅ The website development
✅ The Online Booking
✅ The Online Payment
✅ The overall booking engine system
✅ The Ticketing system
✅ The Till systems + the tickets printers
✅ The Turnstiles
✅ The portable POS
✅ The Shark (hummm for this one, our CEO, Sebastien Le Blanc, says he has a doubt)

And you know what ? It was difficult, very difficult. Passion, technology, doubts, wins, fails and rewins were our normality.

Check out the website and buy your tickets for your visit !

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