MiPS is a feature-oriented payment gateway

MiPS is a feature-oriented payment gateway

MiPS is constantly evolving, mutating, adapting and especially innovating.

MiPS is NOT many things, for example MiPS is not a simple payment gateway. But what is a payment gateway ?

A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. Wikipedia

When you buy an item online and pay with your credit card, you are using a payment gateway

So, why is MiPS not just a payment gateway ?

Because what we do is to provide many features revolving around the act of payment.

Why does MiPS offer features ?

  • some features exist in order to help our clients/merchants maximise the number of transactions
  • other features exist in order to help our clients/merchants better manage the payments they receive and save time and ressources, by automating certain processes

What are these famous features ?

  • eShops – we offer a FREE ecommerce solution allowing merchants to quickly adpat and sell online, giving the possibility of paying by card to their clients
  • BACK-OFFICE All our payment solutions come with a selfcare back-office for the follow-up of all transactions is also provided which include functions such as:
  • Live and detailed monitoring of payment statuses.
    Ability to validate/make refund
  • Aggregate of all available payments methods in one interface and generate reports and infographics
  • BULK TICKET CREATION​ Send multiple tickets simultaneously​ ​
  • SMS RECEIPT​ Client receives his receipt on his mobile, by SMS​ ​
  • AUTO REMINDER​ Client receives notifications to pay​ If does not pay, link expires, client and merchant are alerted
  • WARRANTY​ Be on the safe side, possibility of creating warranty with QuickPay for Hoteliers, avoid unpaid extras with our Extras Billing System​
  • Advanced Installment System Breaks down an amount owed by a client in multiple transactions of a smaller amount, giving the possibility of paying one amount in X times.
  • Debt Collector a tool that helps a merchant obtain a payment from a client. How does it work ? The client will receive emails with invoice details and a link for payment. If he does not pay, he will receive additionnal follow-up emails, automatically, asking him to pay. The tone of the emails will gradually toughen to the point where the client will be told that he must pay to avoid escalation. There is also a possibility of coupling these emails by sending similar SMS.

So, yes, MiPS is a feature-oriented payment gateway !

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