A credit with no interest !

A credit with no interest !

Sebastien Le Blanc, the CEO of MiPS nearly crashed his car when he saw this billboard.

Why ?

Because he is very happy that MiPS is behind this sweet innovation and he did’nt crash his car !

What is this innovation ? MiPS has created a new tool called Automatic Installment System (AIS)

361 is now using this system and giving their clients the possibility of paying in multiple times without any interest !

Let’s say you want to buy a mobile phone.

The cost is Rs. 12 000.

You can pay on the spot with your MCB Group card Rs. 1000 and then you will be debited Rs. 1000 monthly for 11 months, automatically.

A great example of contextual innovation, that we love at MiPS.

See more examples aof installments you can do when shopping at 361:

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