Sebastien Le Blanc on Internet and 5G in Mauritius

Sebastien Le Blanc on Internet and 5G in Mauritius

Last week, the CEO of MiPS, Sebastien Le Blanc, was interviewed in Le Mauricien.

 The topics were very serious:

  1. The internet outage that happened in Mauritius three weeks ago
  2. 5G in Mauritius

This is what Sebastien Le Blanc wrote about this interview:

1. ✅ I gave my opinion on the Internet outage in Mauritius a couple of weeks ago. I substantially said that:
1️⃣ We must Forgive
2️⃣ Errors happens
3️⃣ But we must give us “Les moyens de nos ambitions”
4️⃣ Either we admit that we are a digital hub , therefore this kind of outages shall not happen. Either we admit that we are not yet a digital hub and that we are building it. No shame in👈. We could build it together.
5️⃣ I made some “funny” ascertainments also. For example, on that precise day (real story), 30 minutes before the global outage, someone was asking me that he would be more comfortable if our servers were located within Mauritius. Bam ! 30 minutes later, global outage in Mauritius 😂.
6️⃣ For time being, Mauritius, while being on the way to, does not have a high level of service concerning “internet related stuff”, including Feature oriented hosting. And I repeat myself, 👉 There’s no shame in, as soon as the country is really working to target a real high quality global hub with relevant and useful services (I insist on “relevant”)

2. ✅ I gave my opinion on the #5G in #Mauritius
1️⃣ Transition with above sentence. Assuming that financial and human resources are limited. Perhaps we may allot them in fixing other real life archaism ?
2️⃣ 5G is, feature wise, great but is it relevant here in Mauritius within what I call contextual innovation ? In other words, are we not putting “the charrue before les boeufs” ? You know what I mean. It’s coooool to say : Yeah we are a 5G equipped country THEREFORE we are a digital hub etc, but in real life, driving a Ferrari on a “Sime kan” is not quite relevant isn’t it ?
3️⃣ I have no legitimate opinion on the 5G impact on health.


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