PayStation 2 – packed with power !

PayStation 2 – packed with power !

What is this ?

A new video games console ?

No, this is the Paystation 2, a revolutionnary MPOS – mobile Point of Sales machine.

We get very often the question: “how is your PayStation 2 different from other payment machines ?”

  1. the weight – The PayStation 2 is lighter than a smart phone, the same weight as a mouse (the one you connect to a computer, which is probably not so far off than the weight of the animal – mouse !) This means, that it can be carried around without any hassle. If you are a salesperson and your office is … everywhere, you can carry this machine around
  2. connectivity – The PS2 (now that you have met the PayStation 2, you may call her by her nickname) connects to any mobile phone or PC using Bluetooth. Transactions happen in the cloud by using the 4G network or Wifi. This has a great advantage: when in an area with many POS (Point of Sales) machines, this machine will never be affected by the sturation of network, sometimes causing transactions to take more time or even failing.
  3. functionnalities /features – This is without doubt the great thing with the PS2 ! With this machine, you can take fully secured and fully contactless payments (the buyer does not even need to touch the machine). You can also pay using your mobile phone number, if you are a registered MiPS user (you can easily register using our remember me functionnality when paying your CEB or CWA bills 😉 )

The machine can also be used to initiate a payment in multiple smaller ones. The buyer only needs to pay once, then the technology takes over and the buyer’s ccard will be debited automatically at defined dates, the merchant will be automatically informed.

This machine works perfectly in coordination with an e-commerce business, everything is available in a powerful back-office (refunds, transactions in real-time).

We selll it at Rs. 1800. Need we say more ?
If you are interested, contact us here or give us a call on (+230) 698 00 20

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