Pay Your 💧💧 Bill On-Time-Every-Time! (CWA)

Pay Your 💧💧 Bill On-Time-Every-Time! (CWA)

Paying your CWA bill just went on to auto-pilot ✈️!


  1. Head on over to
  2. Just before confirming payment select the “REGISTER FOR AUTO PAYMENT” option.
  3. Add your email address to receive your electronic payment receipts.
  4. Ensure AUTOMATIC PAYMENT is checked.
  5. Hit the “PAY NOW” button.

    And as easy as that your CWA bill is automatically paid every month!


    If your still prefer a level of control, check the MANUAL PAYMENT option and receive a monthly email notification to remind you a bill is due.
  • No added costs. FREE
  • No more late payments
  • Automated email receipt notifications

This innovation is a first of it’s kind for Mauritius. It is quintessential of the type of progress that is possible through 💪 collaboration and in this regard we applaud Kamlesh Juddoo and his team from 💧 CWA 💧for their eagerness to work together with MIPS – Digital Ecosystem in Africa.

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