SMS Receipts – Be the Change

SMS Receipts – Be the Change

I’m not sure there are words to express how passionate we are about this subject.

If we had a Rs. for every time we heard the statement, “I’m not sure the Mauritian market is ready for this yet”, we’d be rolling in it! 💰💰 

That’s why as an innovative company we often, absurdly enough, have to become the village idiot and act as if the impossibilities that “everybody” knows are just not known to us yet. 🤡

“Everybody knew it was impossible, until a fool who did not know came along and did it” ~ Albert Einstein💡

There are so many reasons why we, as a nation and planet, should be heading this way. Let’s just state the most obvious:

  • Wasted paper is not cool 👎🌳🌲🌴
  • There are 2 places customer receipts inevitably end up ➡️ 🗑️ or 🌍
  • We are the most banked, internet connected and tech savvy nation in Africa. Let’s act like it. 🤓
  • And I dunno… how about just because it’s 2021 🤷‍♀️

Here’s how it works:

If you’re just using a stand alone MIPS PayStation 2

After successful payment select:

  2. Enter mobile number of customer and hit the ✅ button
  3. and… BAM… sms receipt sent and received (FOR FREE)

If you’re using the MIPS point of sale software MyPos, after successful payment:

  1. Select SMS receipt on your smart device.
  2. Enter mobile number of the customer on your MyPos and send.
  3. and…BAM BAM x 2!!

Why BAM BAM x 2 you ask?

Because in this receipt you will have both the proof of payment receipt and the invoice receipt. That’s 2 birds SAVED with one stone (or SMS🤔)! 🕊️🕊️

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