QuickPay Upgrade | Auto-Reminder & Cancellation

QuickPay Upgrade | Auto-Reminder & Cancellation

Being a cloud and web based system means (In the famous words of Oprah): “You win and you win, EVERYBODY wins!”

We say this because just about every week our system is improving with a new upgrade. Upgrades automatically get pushed to your system. No updates, downloading of new apps… nada…. just login.

Our newest upgrade is on QuickPay, one of the big cannons in our arsenal. 💣💣

QuickPay, allows you to easily generate secure electronic payment requests, sent to your customer via a tracked email system, through which the customer can then make direct payment. (And Breathe)😮‍💨

And cue the drum-roll for our new mini feature🥁🥁🥁

Customers will now receive auto-reminders, reminding them that they have an unpaid payment request that needs to be attended to. (Hereby saving you that awkward, uh…where’s my money phone call☎️)

After 3 “kind-reminder” emails a 4th is sent informing the customer that the payment link has been cancelled.

Here’s the full low down on QuickPay

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