POP : a payment revolution in Mauritius

POP : a payment revolution in Mauritius

πŸ“’ Revolution alert ! Day 1 of 4.

Yes, you have read correctly, we clearly wrote “revolution” and not “evolution”. POP and MIPS are igniting a payment revolution in Mauritius  πŸ’Έ.

Let’s also add this πŸ‘‰ POP together with MiPS is an amazing contextual innovation. 

Finally, here we are ! In 2021, in Mauritius, we now have a universal payment system that is in tune with the timesπŸ™.

No: there is no equivalent in Mauritius.

Yes: this is the first next gen payment system in Mauritius.

This is the reason you read “Day 1 of 4” above. Because there is so much to say about this new stunning payment app ! As from today, every morning till Thursday, we will explain some of the awesome features of POP with MIPS Power ups.

β˜‘ One App, Any Bank
β˜‘ The lowest market rates for the merchant . No digital payment  in Mauritius can be lower. The merchant can divide up to 3 times his fees in regards to traditional digital payments !
β˜‘ Your client pays from any bank in Mauritius. This Payment app is not restricted in terms of bank !
β˜‘ The payment is automated and synchronized with the merchant’s systems (finally πŸ™ƒπŸ™). And this is a really big thing! No more hassle with manual reconciliations or human interventions.
β˜‘ It works seamlessly with e-commerce, MIPS PayStations, Tills systems, email payments, SMS payments… Either face to face or “online”, POP with MIPS power up is just The 2021 means of payment.
β˜‘ It’s not a wallet ! The client neither the merchant has to manage an in-the-middle wallet account (hey! we are in XXI century here ! No place for wallets!). We are talking about a Realtime Bank-to-Bank Payment !

My Fellow followers, this post is 1 of 4. Let’s stop here for now and see you tomorrow for more crispy revelations, tips, use cases and “howtos” 😎

A BIG ‘Thank you” to all the awesome people and teams that ignited the impossible, allowing it to become alive.

POP & MiPS: click for more information

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