Send a payment request via WhatsApp

Send a payment request via WhatsApp

Getting paid on time is the dance we’re all trying with our clients. Like all dance partners, someone inevitably ends up with their toes being stood on, leaving that aura of awkwardness where neither dance partners knows what to do next. Do I say sorry… act as if it never happened… run for the door. 🥶

QuickPay from MIPS is the simple payment request tool that’ll make your Two-Step step look like a Three-Step💃💃💃

Merchants have access to a user-friendly back office where they can generate easy payment request links, customized with client and order details. Links are sent directly from the back office via tracked email or sms to your clients.

The client simply opens the link, reviews the order information and makes an online bank card payment.

If you didn’t already feel like you had your groove back we’ve just improved the mobile functionality of QuickPay.

You can now send your payment link directly from your MIPS back office to your customers via mobile messaging apps -WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram.

Watching those ticks go blue will never have been more satisfying.

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