New MIPS merchants in February 2021

New MIPS merchants in February 2021

We welcome you to the Village 🏰

The below businesses are either new MIPS merchants or are existing merchants who have onboarded with additional MIPS products.

That’s the beauty of the system. Once you’re a MIPS merchant for one product, other tools are just a click away. 🖱️

We are grateful for their trust and wish them success! 🎉

A.B Desai 🧳 (now equipped with our MIPS PayStation 2) 👗

Dodo Café Mauritius


Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club 🏌🏿

Ile aux Cerfs Leisure Island 🏖️

Korkmaz Mauritius 🥘

L’ongle en soi 💄

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