MIPS and Regeneration Mauritius

MIPS and Regeneration Mauritius

MiPS was at a very interesting and original event yesterday – Regeneration Mauritius.

What is Regeneration Mauritius ?

As their LinkedIn bio mentions: “A partnership aimed at making Mauritius a regional hub for sustainable innovation in food systems.”

To make it short:

  • we produce food in Mauritius, but less and less
  • we import food, more and more
  • this model is not sustainable
  • solutions exist, no need for ideas, we just need to roll out existing solutions

What were we doing there ?

MIPS’ core business is payment systems, digital and physical. Why were we at an event focussing on food systems ?

Reneration Mauritius is a collaborative project, in which individuals and businesses can participate. The goal is to bring various skills to the organisation to reach the desired goal quicker, in an efficient way.

MIPS will bring its experience in digital and payments as these skills will be recquired once projects start becoming a reality.

For example, some farmers acquire a Growtainer , a farm built inside an insulated, recycled shipping container. they then have produce to sell. MIPS could help in setting up an online shop for the products to be sold directly to consumers

We are delighted to be part of this exciting project, that will help us and future generations !

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