MiPS Shopify Payment System – v2.0

MiPS Shopify Payment System – v2.0

MiPS has upgraded it’s Shopify Payment System for Mauritius and Indian Ocean region to v2.0

What is this news , exactly ?
Now, when a client visits your ecommerce Shopify Shop, upon payment request, he stays within your Shopify environment.

No more redirection to an obscure third party payment page!

The payment interface is simple, straight to the point.

The installation of the MiPS Payment module on Shopify is simple. We would like to thank our 2 “avant-gardiste” Mauritian merchants namely Scott and Allsport. Both have answered to our innovation call without hesitation. They stepped in without timely convolutions.

The topic explained here is in relation with contextual innovation. Therefore an innovation adapted to a specific context:

1) Credit and debit cards accepted, Mauritian as well as international ones (Multi currencies)
2) Instant credit within your bank account (no wallet in the middle)
3) Pop Payments (Instant bank to bank payments working with all banks in Mauritius)
4) Juice Payments for MCB clients
5) In page integrated payment zone within your Shopify environment
6) Mauritian  ecommerce# echnology, Mauritian Company, Mauritian ressources, Mauritian brains, Made in Moris solution, Mauritian solution… For Mauritian merchants and the Mauritian economy. (Did I insist enough on the Mauritian aspect ? As you can see in the picture, there is a little beating Mauritian heart behind a real human out there).

We are deploying this week our new payment system to all our existing Shopify merchants in Mauritius and the region. Do not hesitate to contact us to have your own integration within minutes.

By the way, our payment systems cater for all banks at the same time with our dynamic routing technology for cards or Juice and Pop techs. No need to change page for each type of payments or to have to choose only one bank. Play with them all at the same time ! We automatically choose the best route for the money. And furthermore, we accompany you, on a red carpet, with the financial institutions you choose.

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