Nu fier nu Morisien !

Nu fier nu Morisien !

Nous sommes fiers d’etre Mauricien !

We are proud to be Mauritian !

MiPS is a member of Made in Moris , Mauritian-made and powered by Mauritian brains.

We provide different types of payment solutions for businesses.

We are compatible with:

Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, Kooneo, CloudOne, Ordering, Aphix, Dr Tech, Oracle NetSuite, The Brand Mix, Infor, Opera, RateTiger, Vertical Booking, BookOnlineNow, Microsoft Synamics 365, Adda

Our payment solutions allows your e-commerce website to accept:

  • International cards
  • Mauritian cards
  • Direct bank to bank transfers
  • Instant payment with app (Pop)

We also propose dynamic routing (click for more information)

Among the solutions we propose, we have systems for clients to pay a deposit (ex. for a hotel room) and then for the remaining sum to be automatically charged.

For hotels we can also propose systems allowing to charge the client’s card in case of ‘forgotten’ items to be paid (mini-bar, for example).

If you need a warranty system, ex. for a rental of a house, we can also provide this.

Just let us know your specific needs by contacting MiPS

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