Mips part of Tech 4 Good

Mips part of Tech 4 Good

Sebastien Le Blanc, CEO of MiPS is part of the TEch4Good initiative.

Tech4good is a social initiative promoting tech for a good cause. An outreach movement yet with tangible programs – more information on TEch4Good or connect on Facebook Tech4good

Sébastien Le Blanc – MIPS says that “Cybersecurity is a word that is very often misused. Many things are said to be secured and are not, and vice-versa. I believe that cybersecurity is many things and it is necessary to define what exactly is meant by cybersecurity in each context it is present in, before applying cybersecurity strategies.”

Full video of Cybersecurity Ed 2.0 INSPIRE Tech4good

His pledge: “I pledge to promote coopetition between tech players in order to have innovative solutions available to all businesses, especially the small ones, who constitute the real heart of the economy.

Xavier Harel, Business Development at MiPS is also part of the TEch4Good initiative.

Xavier spoke at Inspire Tech 4 Good: Social Media and contextual insights event and said “Social Media has become such a huge part of our lives that I feel the time has come to play an active role to make sure Social Media does not harm people. I am very excited to be part of the Tech 4 good initiative as this project is in line with my belief that social media is a great tool but dangers exist. It is by explaining these dangers to the younger generation, with the help of all, that education can be done in order to avoid creating victims of social media.

Full video of Inspire Tech 4 Good: Social Media and contextual insights

Xavier’s pledge: “I pledge to promote a better usage of tech by making my skills available to those involved in projects geared towards positive actions for the world.

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