Cybersecurity webinar in Le Mauricien !

Cybersecurity webinar in Le Mauricien !

Following the Cybersecurity webinar that took place on the 14th May 2021, Le Mauricien published an article.

“WOW, interesting to see Le Mauricien newspaper has covered one of our live event on INSPIRETech4good on #Cybersecurity featuring Edition 2 speakers and super heroes: Jean Maurice M. Prosper from Nettobe , David de Gaye from Hapis Tech, Sébastien Le Blanc from MiPS

It was a very instructive event and cybersecurity is essential for individuals and businesses.

Educating ourselves is key !

Special thanks to the Chairperson of Ed2.0 Zulaika Sunthbocus, the Curator Selena Roopnarain and coordination of Xavier Harel.

We look forward to the 3rd upcoming edition stay tuned to be registered ! #INSPIRE Tech4good” Selena Roopanarain, the mastermind behind for Tech4Good initiative, on Linkedin.

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