10/03/2021 Lockdown day 1 adaptation.

10/03/2021 Lockdown day 1 adaptation.

10/03/2021 14h00 Lockdown 1 day adaptation.

Please bear with us, there is some slowdown due to our own adaptation to the situation and to the fact that ALL Mauritians are rushing on the internet and therefore downgrading speed.

Also, in total transparency there has been a fire in one of our server centre in France, we are currently shifting our data to servers in Germany.

We have done around 70% progress and are targeting later today 100%

Thank you for your understanding.

UPDATE sent at 11h38 to all merchants:

Dear MIPS Merchants,
We are in the process of moving our data servers to our Service Provider based in Germany.

  • Complete – All QuickPay and MyMIPS services are back online.
  • In progress – Transferal of eShops merchants happening now.

More updates to follow.
Kind Regards,

UPDATE sent at 11h28 to all merchants:

Dear MIPS merchants using Shopify,
Our contingency plan is in high action. Your payments are now LIVE again.
We apologize for the inconvenience. 
Kind Regards,

Communique sent at 10h30 on 10/03/2021 to all our merchants:

Dear MIPS Merchant,


We want to ensure you that our team is fully operational and working hard to ensure your online services are functioning properly, especially during this lock down crisis.

To effectively request support today we ask that you reach out to us on support@mips.mu.
 We have a support ticketing system in place to address all requests in a timely manner.

Avoid direct phone calls unless it is an absolute emergency.


The timing is almost unbelievable, but there has been an actual fire at the main data centre of our server provider OVH. To this effect our web and payment services are temporarily down.

OVH is the biggest server provider in Europe and the 3rd largest in the world. The best of the best. We are in constant communication with OVH, who are in high action mode to get us back online.

In conjunction with their efforts, our internal risk plan for business continuity is in full swing. Our recovery plan is already actioned, and we shall be fully operational by this afternoon.


We sympathize with Mauritian businesses at this time. Hang in there our best days are still ahead!
Kind Regards,

MIPS Support.

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