QuickPay Upgrade | Payment Request by SMS

QuickPay Upgrade | Payment Request by SMS

Being a business owner is similar to running a full time circus. 🎪

You have to be able juggle, while riding a unicycle and breathing fire with the added pressure of trying to convince some clown (not funny) to pay you for a service you’ve already given them.🤹🏼🥵🤡

Oh! All of this with a smile.😁

Let MIPS help you with the “Funny” business.

Payment requests have never been simpler because you can now…

send payment requests by SMS with Quickpay

QuickPay can be found in your MIPS back office. It’s a tool where you can create and send unique payment request links. Receivers can then make card payment directly on this link.
Traditionally these links are sent via the MIPS tracked email system. But with the new integration of SMS technology into our ecosystem and the fact that…

… the average open rate of SMS is 98%,

it was a no brainer to add this to the QuickPay link sending options.

The end result:

  • You’ve given your client the most direct payment means possible.
  • Payments come in quicker and with less clowning around.

Whose laughing now😉

If you’re interested in a QuickPay demo… contact us here.

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