🐘Remember me🐘 |A MIPS micro-feature

🐘Remember me🐘 |A MIPS micro-feature

MIPS has quickly become the trusted Payment system in Mauritius and for good reason:

Besides are incredibly good looks😎 or in technical terms, a high level of user experience;

we offer something more, every merchant and their customer is looking for in a payment system… a HIGH level of security. Like black belt, 10th Dan, kind of security.🥋

And with that, the door opens to further developments in the payment experience like the “REMEMBER ME” micro-feature.

MIPS is now integrated into 100s of merchants’ online platforms across Mauritius and as a result Mauritians are often making multiple transactions through the MIPS system in a day.

When shopping on any online platform using MIPS, upon payment, check ✔️“Remember Me”.

What does this do?

Very simply, we will remember you across the network of MIPS merchants, auto-filling your payment details leaving you only with the action of PAY NOW confirmation.

Here’s a video explanation:

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